How the Clarity Bundle Works

  • You will receive a Pre-session form to fill out to share your concerns and goals of your website or other online and marketing questions
  • If you have questions regarding the structure or back-end of your site, I’ll require login access. I’ll email you if this situation fits your needs.
  • After you fill out the form, I’ll contact you via email to schedule our consultation call.


Q. What Happens after I purchase a bundle?
A. You’ll be redirected to a thank you page that will have a link to your Pre-Session form to fill out and within 48 hours I will email you a scheduler to pick a date for your consulting session

Q. Are there refunds?
A. Due to the amount of information shared during the consultation, there are no refunds.

Q. Do I need an existing website or social media to purchase a bundle?
A. Absolutely not, in fact working with me before creating your website or social media presence will put you ahead of the curve.

Q. What if I already have a website or blog but HATE IT?
A. That’s perfectly okay, together we’ll determine why you hate it and how we can fix it in an economical and creative way.

Q. Do you have experience working with someone with no technical skills?
A. I sure do, and I LOVE showing you how you can have a DREAM online presence with no technical skills. Although I warn you, but the end of our time together, you might just be a techie!

Q. What do I need?
A. An idea of what project or problem you would like help with and access to the internet. Beyond those two things, we can communicate via Skype, Google Handout, iChat or a good ole’ phone.

Q. Can I afford to have the online world I want?
A. Yes you can! Working with me will save you major money by teaching you how to do things instead of hiring out and when you do hire contractors, how to hire the right ones.

Q. What if I know what I want but want you to do it for me?
A. I do offer  Graphic Design, Web Development and Video Services but only offer them to clients that I will be a good fit for. We will determine in our session what service providers, including me are right for you based on your technical needs, budget and esthetics.

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