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  1. Do you need clarity on what technology to use to build your online world?
  2. Are you afraid to hire web help because you’ve been burned in the past?
  3. Do need confidence to build, maintain, improve and hire for your business that is authentic to you, your brand and your customer.

That is where I can help you.

It’s important to trust the people you hire because you want them to understand your vision and how you want to interact with your community. The technology will always take a back seat to the experience you want to give your customers, but without proper planning you’ll find that tasks like social media, blogging, video, and ecommerce become daunting. With a clear vision and focused passion on only the technology you need, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters, and that’s sharing your gifts with the world!

Mountains Are Calling

What is the online world?

Your online world is the online presence of your business.
This includes your website, store, blog, videos, social media, and how each component works together to deliver your gifts to the world in an authentic way. Whether you sell your services and products online or you have a brick and mortar, your online presence is important to the growth and strength of your business. I will help you create the online world perfect for your business.

Working With Me Will Give You:


With goals & targeted steps to achieving them.


For the social media & technology you need and the relief of knowing you don’t need them all!


Knowing you can build & maintain your online presence AND confidently hire & trust the right people to perform those tasks that don’t bring you joy.


I’ll do more than talk you through things, I’ll show you how using videos & graphics.


With your project from someone who understands the value of your creative, giving, and healing nature. I understand and hold the same value you have that the customers are a part of your community.


Courage to share yourself and your gifts with the online world in a way that is comfortable & authentic to you, as I encourage you to stretch your comfort zone while staying in line with your brand.


Save countless hours and frustration researching the answers and wasted money on contractors & freelancers that didn’t understand you or your vision.

Just Breathe

You’ll be supported every step of the way.

Lezette Markham


Meet Me:

I’m Lezette Markham, Artist Entrepreneur and founder of Simply Art. I inspire all walks of life to harness their brave, creative power and rock their passion projects! I do this with joy using creative consulting, tutorials, & workshops. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your online brand, joyful inspiration or juicy creativity, you’re in the perfect place in the world of Simply Art!

I understand your creative vision, take pride in your business and would be honored to Consult on your amazing DREAMS.

The Details:

  • Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design
  • 10+ years inspiring and teaching creativity and art
  • 7+ years building and marketing online brands
  • 3 years building a lifestyle brand that inspires and empowers
  • Circle Coach for the 2015 Right Brain Entrepreneur Mentorship Program by Jennifer Lee
  • Circle Coach for the Right Brain Product Development eCourse Created by Jennifer Lee
  • Sold creations as a Mixed Media Artist
    A charitable position as the Vice President for Art & Creativity for Healing Women’s Guild
See Resume

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying:

I came to Lezette with issues and basic questions regarding my WordPress site. What impressed me was her uncanny ability to envision and to begin seeing through my eyes, as to what I need for my site. She has written a “take me by the hand basic primer” that has really helped me to be more proactive and comfortable moving around, and doing things on my site. I have especially found her video tutorials to be stellar. The videos are really wonderful because I can quickly identify the site element that she is teaching me. I have so enjoyed working with Lezette on this first round of my website “revamp”. She is such a creative, fun, zestful and joyful person, who is thoroughly professional as a consultant. As I look forward to the next steps in my website development, yes I will be calling on Lezette to be my guide.”


– M. Ruth McCants |

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  • 1 Hr. Consulting video call (If you prefer, the consultation can be via regular phone call)
  • 2 Followup emails
  • Your questions answered
  • A clear plan of action

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