Hello Friends, welcome to the World of Simply Art. My colorful, inspiring & heart-centered space in the online world.

HeadshotPlease allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lezette Markham an artist entrepreneur, serendipitous techie, & inspiration bringer.

I bring creative and caring business strategy to equally creative and caring business owners like you. I love using my techie talents and artistic nature to help those that use their hearts and hands to bring joy, healing, and beauty to the world. I help entrepreneurs share their personal gifts and talents in a brave and authentic way.

Since birth, I’ve used my creativity to explore all aspects of life and now I use my creativity to help women build their dream businesses and life. My motto is to live life artfully. I bring mindful skill to every aspect of my life and business for the benefit of beauty and joy. This practice of living life artfully is not about perfection for me, it is a practice of awareness and creativity.

After I graduated from the Art Institute with my Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design, I used my talents to help REALTORS® and other business professionals. After years of traditional corporate work I realized I wasn’t helping the people I was born to help. I quickly learned that I was meant to use my skills to inspire, create and grow businesses and lives that are abundant, inspired and creative.

It was time to leave my corporate cocoon and work with those that needed me most. Entrepreneurs just like you who care about their talents, patrons, and communities. Women who crave balance with family, friends and business. A life/work balance they can be proud of. A life that gives them joy and inspires them to share bravely.

I now share my love with the world through my work. I use creative workshops, online business consulting, and all around bad ass products to provide a life & business to celebrate. I provide these services to heart-centered women entrepreneurs who have soooo much to give but need a little help connecting all the digital pieces.

When not sharing bright goodness online, I can be found painting, exploring new food and traveling.

– Cheers!

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