Project Geo Freedom

Project Geo Freedom is an effort to break the bonds of my family’s current lifestyle. The project represents the freedom to travel and live abroad, maintain a global tribe of friends, work anywhere in the world 60% of the year, nurture a mind and spirit with the flexibility to change and grow, and sustain an environment of love – stability – security and creativity for my son.


In order to reach my goals, all aspects of my life will need reflection and evaluation. I will not change for the sake of change. Each action will be mindful and filled with artful inspiration. To celebrate the path I have created badges for myself. As I achieve small but IMPORTANT mini-projects along my journey I will reward myself by unlocking a badge and sharing them in blog posts.

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The Journey

This year I will make ground shaking shifts to reach my ideal lifestyle goals for my family. I will research, learn, try, fail, try again, embrace ease and go hard throughout the year to rise my vibration and pull my family up with me.

Markham Family

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I would love to hear from you. Let’s talk about…..

  • What lifestyle goals you have
  • How you’re currently living and working while traveling with a family
  • What freedom you are seeking in your life

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