Candied Buildable Sugar Skulls

Add sweet and spicy style to your very own sugar skulls!

Send the homies pre-candied sugar skulls OR build your very own sugar skulls using bright and festive decorations.

Does cuz want in on the fiesta? They can download their Candied Sticker pack and you can decorate together!

Loco Love
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Pre-Candied Sugar Skull Stickers

    Stickers to Decorate
    Your Own Sugar Skulls

    Bonus Motion Sticker
    Loco Love!

    Scale, Rotate & Build On Your Stickers

    You can scale your stickers larger and smaller and even rotate them. Here's how:

    1. Instead of tapping the sticker, place a finger on the sticker, hold for a second and drag it up to the messages window.
    2. Use two fingers to rotate or scale the sticker.
    3. Drag the sticker to where you want to place it on a message bubble, photo, or existing sticker and let go.

    Installing Your Candied Sticker Pack After Purchase

    1. Open an existing conversation thread in Messages or start a new conversation.
    2. Tap on the App Store icon next to the conversation box and then tap on the four dots to open your app drawer, which houses all installed apps.
    3. Tap on the "Manage" tab to install sticker pack. Installation is done by setting the toggle to on (green).
    4. Access it by opening the app drawer (four dots icon)

    What's up? Still here? Click the download button and head to the app store to snag your Candied Sticker pack today.

    DOWNLOAD $1.99

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