I bring creative and caring business strategy to equally creative and caring business owners. I love using my techie talents and artistic nature to help those that use their hearts and hands to bring joy, healing, and beauty to the world. I help entrepreneurs share their personal gifts and talents in a brave and authentic way.

My own passion is my love for mixed media and all painterly forms of art. You can savor a small taste of my art on my portfolio page.

lezette markham


My purpose has always been to create and inspire. Over the years my creation and inspiration have taken on many forms. Art has always been that lynchpin that holds all my aspirations together. I soon realized that artfulness was more than just paintings and other creative practices but that it was a way of being. That you can bring artfulness to all aspects of your life. Artfulness is simply bringing mindful skill to tasks for the sake of beauty and not perfection. I spend my life practicing artful living. From the way I plate my food, to the way I play with my son, I look for the beauty and skill in all things.

I encourage others to live their life artfully as well. I inspire friends, family and those I have the honor of touching out in the world to be creative, find the beauty in the smallest of things and live bravely.

As a heart-centered living, I help other artists and entrepreneurs share their gifts with the world using my technical and design abilities.

Create With Me - My Process

I bring a child-like spirit to my process. I’ve never had a set schedule to paint or create my altered art and now that I’m a mother the idea of a scheduling in art time seems almost comically. Instead, I create when I feel called to. My inspiration comes from my wide-eyed approach to looking at the world. Embracing my child-like curiosity I allow all things in my environment to soak into my inspiration well. I pull from this inspiration well in combination with my past experiences, personal views, whimsical aesthetic and folk art sensibilities.

My color palette tends to be bright and latin inspired. I pull from California and Arizona for shapes and imagery. However, there are no rules for me. I create and experiment, I release and I create again.

Fun Facts

  •  My first public artwork was a trash can. I know funny right? You can find it at the Dana Point Best Western in Dana Point California. Wanna see how I made it? Check out this behind the scenes video.
  • I framed my first artwork around 5 years old using ripped up baseboards from our family trailer, I mean home ;). It was a painting made from crayons and my mom’s nail polish.
  • I firmly believe that art heals. Which is why I joined the organization Art & Creativity for Healing in Laguna Nigel California and became the VP of their women’s guild. Since I now live in North Carolina I’m no longer a part of the California-based organization but my passion for artful healing follows me where ever I live.
sacred mixed media painting
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