Kickstarter is just the beginning 

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My son can’t speak just yet but if he could I would imagine he’d be saying….

Where are we going next daddy?

Ahh, the look in his eyes and the smile on my husbands face makes my soul smile. We have successfully funded my #ProjectGeoFreedom Kickstarter campaign (both with crowd funding and self funding) and our plans are in motion to visit South Africa in June. Of course, the kickstarter campaign is just the beginning. 

To fully fund the trip I’ll need to continue to presale my Artist Journal eBook and artwork. Much work to be done to build the infrastructure to truly embrace a remote and travel nomad lifestyle. Although it’s taking hard work, it is work of the heart and my entire essence is focused on making the dream of working anywhere in the world with my family come true. 

Working on your dreams isn’t always pretty. I find myself in the weeds most days, struggling to manage client work (the part that keeps the digital lights on), creating my art, building for the future of my remote business, being a mindful momma and a supportive wife and daughter. Huaaaa…. just listing it all out makes me sigh deeply. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I’m incredibly grateful for the support and love that surrounds me. Gratitude doesn’t keep me from the weeds, it does however keep my eyes looking to the stars as I trample over the weeds towards my ocean of dreams. 

Now back to work I go. Paintbrush in one hand, computer in the other and my sweet son and husband at my side. 

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