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Project Geo FreedomLast month I shared my Project Geo Freedom. The project represents the freedom to travel and live abroad, maintain a global tribe of friends, work anywhere in the world 60% of the year, nurture a mind and spirit with the flexibility to change and grow, and sustain an environment of love – stability – security and creativity for my son. You can learn more about the project here. One of the goals is to keep an open mind as to how I can accomplish my dream lifestyle.

Enter the South African Art Residency Kickstarter Project…..

sacred mixed media paintingThe perfect kickstart to traveling and working around the world with my family. My family and I will spend 14 days in Rainbow Valley along the coastal dune forest in South Africa at Driftwood Studio hosted by sculptor George Kockott.

For 14 days I will dive into the textures, colors and patterns of the ocean, coastline and culture of the area. I’ll immerse myself into the adventure and document my studies using paint, photography and video. You will be along with me on this journey. I’ll reach out to you, my backers and ask what sights you want me to see, what color combinations you want me to use in the art and many more opportunities to engage and put your own stamp on this creative adventure. Then I’ll collect all my treasures into an ebook filled with vibrant paintings, inspiring photos, video clips and thoughtful insights about my artful process.

To celebrate my time on the South African Coast I will paint original works of art with the subject matter of sugar skulls and lotus flowers.

Why Sugar Skulls and Lotus Flowers?

Sugar Skulls and Lotus Flowers represent a celebration and appreciation of life. Traditionally Sugar skulls represent a loved one no longer living. I use the sugar Skull imagery in my artwork to show my love for the present moment…. The moments with loved ones NOW and how fleeting and precious life is. Lotus flowers in bloom I use as icons to celebrate the unfolding of life in all it’s dark and light filled glory.

Purpose and Inspiration

I’ve alway had the dream of traveling and sharing my artful vibe and work bravely with the world. In 2014 my craving to reach my dream lifestyle went into hyperdrive when life gave me a donkey kick of perspective. That year I lost my beloved mother in law, a younger cousin to a terrible tragedy, my precious dog and when I tried to conceive my first child I was told I couldn’t because they had found a Pituitary Tumor. In 2015 I went under for Neurosurgery to remove my tumor. I healed and in 2016 I was blessed with my one and only son Kai! Now he’s 6 months old and growing so fast. I yearn to give him the free lifestyle I know his sweet soul will flourish in.

My artfulness defined: the act of doing and being with mindful skill for the sake of beauty not perfection.

So here I am, taking the plunge to create art around the world, and bring artful inspiration to you. Let’s all live life artfully. Allow me to inspire you to live your life bravely, to build a life filled with joy and challenges tackled with artful skill and ease.

All Pledges will get access to the Private Group to see behind the scenes AND have a direct impact on what I do in South Africa and How my Artwork is created.

Join me in this adventure!

Sign Up Below and I’ll send you updates on #ProjectGeoFreedom and the upcoming Kickstarter launching Feb 18th, 2017.


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