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Today I share my hopes, dreams and aspirations in the most authentic, vulnerable and brave way that I can. Today is the day I share Project Geo Freedom. I will spend 2017 working towards my new shift in lifestyle. You can learn more about the project here. I will document my journey in my Simply Art blog and share all the ups, downs, lessons and resources I learn along the way.

This project is coming from a long dreamt need to feel free in my life. This freedom means financial freedom, geographically freedom and creative freedom. I will follow this journey with an open heart and mind. If you’re interested in joining me in this journey head over the Project Geo Freedom page and sign up for email updates.

I look forward to holding myself accountable with you – my heart-centered tribe.

This is the first celebratory badge I’m unlocking. The accountability badge: Share with the Simply Art tribe and let your intentions be known!


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