Artful Dreams 2017

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 artful dreams 2017

Join me on an adventure of artful dreaming. For 7 days we’ll journal and create art to bring power to our dreamiest of dreams. This 7-day challenge is in honor of #ProjectGeoFreedom. To learn more about that project, click here.

How it works

Choose a journal or notebook you enjoy working in
No need to buy anything new. Simply use what you have even if it’s scraps of paper. šŸ˜‰

Take a moment each day with the themes featured below and journal about your dreams
Write, draw, play, color, make your mark and enjoy the reflection and glow you feel when you dedicate time to thinking about your dreams. Have some fun and hold your dreams with a soft gaze. Allow the dreams to flow and morph.

Share your creations to any of the following places below with the hash tag – #ArtfulDreams2017
Each time you share you’ll be entered into a drawing to win An Artful Tote designed with the Simply Art painting titled Joy.

Instagram: @SimplyArtWorld Twitter: @SimplyArt_Us Facebook: SimplyArt

Challenge Prize

Joy Tote

Daily Challenge Themes

artful dreams 2017

  1. Location: What is your dream location? Where do you want to live in this big beautiful world?
  2. Family: What dream do you hold for your family?
  3. Travel: Where is your dream travel destination?
  4. Lifestyle: What is your dream lifestyle?
  5. Good Work: If you could do anything you want for an income what would it be?
  6. Giving: If you could giveĀ with ease to people and organizations you care about what would they be?
  7. Dreamiest: What is your dreamiest of dreams?


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