BRINGING HOME BABY, A Look Back – 1 Month Must Haves

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Wow! 1 Month has flown by. Before I know it Kai will be graduating high school. He already acts like he has places to go and people to see. He’s trying to roll, stand and all around master mobility. He reminds me of that one scene in Look Who’s Talking 2 where Julie (the little sister) is sitting in her walker and saying, ” As God as my witness….I’m going to learn how to walk, and get the HELL OUT OF HERE! Lol.

My son is ready for the World and I already feel that illogical urge to hold him back under the guise of protecting him when really it’s just a selfish need to keep him where I can control him. A mother for only a month and I’m already having to expand my comfort zone, let go of control and embrace the hard truth that my path is to allow him to follow his own path, unfurl to his own true self and not impose my own will upon him.  I continue to look forward to his growth no matter how uncomfortable the speed is.

Kai 1 Month

This experience has cracked my heart wide open making way for a new kind of heart. A stronger, braver and deeper heart. This new growth isn’t pain-free. On the contrary, it’s painfully jarring. Not an unbearable pain though. More like the pain you get from a good workout. It sometimes seems too much to handle when in the heat of the exercise but to complete the aching is surprisingly calming. The growth my heart is going through is similar to this feeling. I know I will only be better for the growing pains.

Speaking of my heart. It swells and overflows with gratitude just thinking of my husband and how well he has taken to fatherhood. He’s patient when I am not, kind, gentle and nurturing. “They” say you never love anything more than your child but rarely do you hear about the new found love you have for your partner. Bryan’s soul has grown brighter and I enjoy being in that light. I am grateful for my family.

Bryan and Kai 1 month

With all the love, changes and growing pains I relied heavily on my own mother. She has been by far the best resource for keeping my sanity. Her own motherly instincts have been invaluable. It’s a funny site in our home when we’re together. We can be seen flying through the house in a panic everytime Kai cries, staring at the timer on his bottle warmer as if time has stood still and laughing at every dirty diaper he makes.

There have been some items that have been incredibly helpful during Kai’s first month at home. Here are my top picks for baby’s first month.

First Month Must Haves:

1st month must haves

  1. Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer: I started out using a cup of water warmed in the microwave to warm the bottles but soon got tired of the extra time it took to warm the water then warm the bottle. The bottle warmer cuts down the minute and a half it was taking to warm the water and when you’re baby is crying every second counts.
  2. WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier: I have a love-hate relationship with the WubbaNub. It calms and soothes as it should but my baby likes to pull it out and then cry because he doesn’t have the motor function yet to put it back in his mouth. 😉 Even with the frustration I call “Wubba Duty” which is when someone has to sit with Kai and put his WubbaNub back in every time he pulls it out, I couldn’t possibly survive without it.
  3. California Baby Calendula Cream: Amazing product for his whole body. I use it in place of a butt ointment to protect his skin from rashes. This was a recommendation from a family member and it’s worked very well.
  4. Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers, Newborn: Another recommendation from a fellow momma. I love these diapers. They are pricey but well worth it. Eco-friendly, and gentle on my baby’s bum.
  5. Baby’s Only Toddler Organic Formula: I’ve had many struggles breastfeeding and have needed to supplement my baby’s diet. I did a ton of research and after determining that no formula has the perfect list of ingredients, the Baby’s Only Toddler is by far the best I can do for my baby without having to import. You’ll notice that it says it’s for toddlers . I contacted the company and they said it’s perfectly fine for newborns and of course checked with my pediatrician to make sure we had the green light.

A Look Back on Kai’s First Month:

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  • Desiree Every

    I could not be more happy for you guys! I cried the whole video! What a beautiful baby and family! So very very happy!

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