BRINGING HOME BABY, Gratitude Practice – WEEK 3

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Lezette at work with Kai
So much has changed in just a week. Momma’s little Potato Squid is becoming less potato and more squid. Wiggly and active he’s becoming more alert and ready for the world. Kai was 9 days late and that’s the last time he did anything late. Since his birth he never needed to gain his birth weight back because he never lost weight as “normal” baby stats would suggest, he lost his umbilical cord days after being home, and now finds himself holding up his own head. Any more advances and he’s going to need to get a job. 😉 Speaking of job. When not supported by family, working around the Simply Art World looks like this.

I was told that when your baby is born you will feel a love that you never thought possible. I didn’t find that to be true at least not in the romantic sense I had imagined. During the first moments after birth there was a deep wonder and love but it was a primal love. A love that was steeped in survival. I wanted nothing more but to protect and nourish him. The adoring love that had I imagined where I would gaze into his eyes and see the power of the universe didn’t begin until the end of week 2 and is now flourishing in week 3.

Kai with eyes open

(Picture taken at 10 days old)

Perhaps it was because when in survival mode as I was the first two weeks, you don’t have the luxury of reflecting upon the wonder that is the creation of life. Now in week 3 I see him with brand new eyes, not to mention I can finally see his eyes. With a little more room to breathe and a lot more much needed family support I now see the small details that make life so beautiful. I can see the newborn gray fading from his eyes and the amber red forming in his brown eyes and hair. This color connects him to me. I see his feet and long lashes that are identical to his dad’s features. Now he gazes back at me. He communicates in his own way and I feel the power resinating from his soul.

I am in awe at the responsibility of guiding this soul through this life and allowing myself to stay open to all the lessons he will give me. With my summer baby in my arms and fall just around the corner I have a lot to be grateful for. I created a new fall gratitude play sheet to celebrate these new things to be thankful for. As always, I want to share this artful living inspiration with you. Join the Simply Art mailing list below and you’ll receive access to the VIP library chalked full of artful play sheets, planners and more.

We were given our photos from Kai’s first professional photoshoot by NICHOLE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY this week and I’m so excited to share them with you. Nichole was fantastic and if you’re located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area I would highly recommend her. Check out her talents and my beautiful sweet boy.

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