Balancing Owning a Business and Life

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As an entrepreneur I’m often asked how I balance owning a business and living a well balanced, healthy life. I’m asked to share my opinion on if you should keep your business separate from the rest of your life. In this video, I share my opinion on this buzz worthy business topic.

I do believe it’s possible to stay connected to your business and still live a balanced life. As long as the other aspects of your life can counter balance the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial energy you put towards your business you can live a well rounded, healthy and mindful life. I believe when we completely consider our businesses a separate part of our lives we as humans can run into problems such as:

  1. Echo problems
  2. Profit over people
  3. Loss of purpose
  4. Drudgery
  5. and so on

I understand that a large portion of entrepreneurs experience the normal downsides of self employment such as….

  1. Burn out
  2. Unbalance
  3. Unhealthy family relationships
  4. Financial stress
  5. and so on

and because of these issues, it’s easy to go to the extreme of living and breathing your business to completely separating it from yourself. I’m of the school of thought that you can be in the middle. You can own a business and consider it a part of yourself and still have a healthy life. Life is a practice and it’s impossible to always be balanced and perfect all the time. It’s inevitable that starting a business will cause some imbalance in your life. I suggest being mindful and loving to yourself when this unbalance occurs and take steps to getting back to balance.

It’s important to mention that although I believe it’s healthy to consider the work you do in this world as a part of who you are as a person, it is not a good habit to mix your finances. If you own your own business, always keep your finances separate from your household. Mixing your money can cause issues like tax issues and creates stress on the family dynamics, just to name a few.

Thank you for watching my humble opinion on business vs life. I would love to know how you treat your business and keep a balanced life. Comment below or tweet me at

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