PageCloud Pre-Launch First Impressions: Web Developer VS Graphic Designer

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The concept of PageCloud is great and I think when they launch and continue to improve the service it will be great for basic websites. That said, I was not impressed with the pre-launch version. I believe more widgets will be needed to make the price point worth it. I see this service as a speedy way to make landing pages. The current selection of functionality is not enough to replace my current WordPress sites.

At 34:21 I pull out this footage. It starts the rant about adaptive vs responsive web design: Check out this video of our feisty discussion…


  1. Great support and customer service
  2. Nice drag and drop system
  3. Easily embeds Vimeo & Youtube videos
  4. Record breaking speed for publishing a simple web page
  5. An adaptive mobile feature


  1. Does not support responsive design
  2. Does not support Wistia responsive embeds (only fixed iframes)
  3. Can’t build and design custom forms
  4. Does not have a built in media player
  5. Does not offer javascript functionality at this time
  6. Does not offer navigation at this time
  7. Inline style sheets
  8. Will not import all databases and functionality from current websites

You can learn more about PageCloud in their FAQ.

These are my humble opinions and first impressions on PageCloud. There are many reviews out there that shine a more positive light on this new service and software. People are loving this new product. Here is a positive review.

If you’re interested in checking out this service for yourself, they are offering a short window of time to join for their founding members price. You can use my affiliate link here:

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  • Sam Mindel

    You can get support from other like users who are just starting with this amazing platform. We now have a very interactive Facebook group, for all of us venturing onto this platform, with 100 new members joining just yesterday. Please join up so we can all collaborate & perhaps even have power in making changes & fixes occur as we discover them. It’s a great place to learn before you pony up and buy.

  • Kristi

    Thank you for the video that you and your husband made walking through PageCloud. I laughed and learned along the way, so the entertainment was an added bonus and made it worth the time. It kept my attention (which isn’t easy) and you two are cute together.

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