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Simply art on video: Youtube, Wistia, vimeoThis is not your usual vs blog post. At the end of this post I won’t be picking my favorite platform. I believe each video platform has it’s place in the world of business. Below I will share the pros and cons for Youtube, Vimeo & Wistia. I have used all three of these platforms and to this day I still use Youtube, Wistia and the occasional self hosted video (not mentioned in this post).




Let’s Start With a Classic: Youtube

There are mind blowing stats at the YouTube Statistics page, but to sum it up, YouTube is without a doubt the highest-trafficked web-based video publishing platform.

HUGE Note: Youtube is owned by Google, you know…. that company that ranks your website on the internet? 😉 There are some fun things to consider with Google owning the world’s largest video publishing platform. The most notable of these fun facts is Google showcases Youtube snippets over other video snippets. Google is actually removing some video snippets from its search engine results that aren’t from YouTube. Since Google is mainly displaying snippets from YouTube, businesses using other video hosts like Vimeo or Wistia may get pushed down and lost. You can learn more about this phenomenon here.

Alrighty! The Youtube Pros

  • It’s Free.
    – Woo Hoo.
  • It’s connected to Google.
    – Powerful SEO.
  • There are paid advertising solutions.
    – You can share your business content while making money with advertisement.

The Youtube Cons

Not the prettiest baby in the nursery:

A not so esthetically appealing Youtube watermark with video embedding and in my opinion an ugly video player. You can override these basic settings but it will require other programs and a little tech know how.

Access denied:

If you’re goal is to reach a corporate audience you have to consider that a lot of offices have Youtube blocks on their employees’ computers.

Youtube is not your friend:

The goals of Youtube and your business are not inline. Youtube wants to keep traffic on their website and you want people on your site. You have to embrace that Youtube will show similar videos to yours, including your competitors to keep those viewing eyes on their platform. Even when embedding videos on your site, related videos will pop up after your video is over.

Was that ass?:

With over 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute it’s safe to say there will be lots of offensive content shared on the platform. Offensive or spammy content appearing next to your videos could hurt your business.

Vimeo Logo

The Fancy Cousin: Vimeo

Vimeo is an established niche fancy cousin to Youtube. The video player is attractive and although not free, the appeal to business is clear. You can have a business account for $17/month.

The Vimeo Pros

  • No Ads.
    – Who doesn’t love commercial free?
  • Pretty video player.
    – Looks matter.
  • Less offensive content
    – Unless you consider anything indie offensive. 😉

The Vimeo Cons

Way less traffic:

Vimeo won’t have the SEO power to support itself without other traffic help. Although Vimeo has been increasing their traffic over the years, the most recent reports still show it lagging behind Youtube. It has been speculated, though not confirmed by Google, that the search engine will start to remove videos from their results pages that aren’t hosted with YouTube. Not sure if this will really happen but if your business depends on Google results as their highest driver of online traffic, you should highly consider the possibility.

Bugs and buffering:

Have you ever tried to play a Vimeo video on your Apple Tv? It’s not a pretty site. Vimeo tends to have slow buffering times during video play and takes a lifetime to load on initial start.

Don’t get greedy:

Vimeo does not allow unlimited video uploads. This can be tedious if you have a lot of goodness to share with the world.

Wistia Logo

The New Cool Kid on the Block: Wistia

AHHHH, Wistia…. my faithful friend. I consider Wistia being for the control freaks with high standards of the world. Wistia has a free and paid plan option(s). Although on the higher end of the moola spectrum, the features make any tight business expense sheet add a line item.

The Wistia Pros

  • Call to action buttons.
    – A wide range of marketing tools.
  • Customization galore!
    – You can turn off the Wistia branding with any of the paid plans.
  • A FREE version that allows for 25 videos.
    – Did you miss that? 25 videos!
  • Collaborative tools.
    – Everyone needs a team.

The Wistia Cons


The $25/month base paid plan is higher than Vimeo. Although this is in the cons section I must say that the cost is so worth it if you want to embed your videos onto your website for list building and client acquisition purposes.

I still need a techie friend:

There are a world of features in Wistia including video chapters in the Lab section of Wistia. This is a great attribute BUT it will require some techie knowledge  or a techie friend to utilize.

Well friends, what platform are you leaning towards? May I recommend first writing down what your business video goals are. Then after knowing what you need you can determine what platform or combination of platforms will be the perfect solution for your business.

If you want to learn more about video, check out my eCourse, Dare to Share Video Training Series

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