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Running a Heart-Centered Business

Heart-Centered Business

Have you heard someone say the words Heart-Centered in the context of business lately and wondered what in the world it really means? You may think it sounds like a hippie word similar to the corporate buzz words of viral, pain point, synergy, the cloud, learnings or some other cringe worthy phrase. This is not to say all buzz words make me cringe. I can stomach the usual synergy, holistic, low hanging fruit and I’ve for sure been heard saying the usual words, “content marketing”.

I promise this is not an attack on buzz words or a no holds barred fight to separate Heart-Centered from being called a buzz word. Ha! Buzz word…… it’s a buzz word itself, funny! 😉

I’m writing this to share my humble opinion on how I define Heart-Centered, how it embodies more than the usually buzz word defined on the urban dictionary and most importantly, how I use the surrounding principles to grow my business and live my life artfully. Are you counting how many buzz words I’m using to write this blog post? If you are, you’re my kind of funny.

So lets start with what Heart-Centered is not.

Heart-Centered is not….

  • An empty, meaningless buzz word
  • An excuse to not have a profitable business
  • Only for women
  • Only for yogis, massage therapist, energy workers, coaches and the like

Then what is Heart-Centered?

I define heart-centered as conscious thoughts, actions and aspirations centered around the following question:
Will this benefit my soul, family and community?

Now let’s break down the three parts of soul, family and community.


When it comes to your decisions, actions and goals, it’s safe to say if it doesn’t bring you joy then you shouldn’t place your energy into it. When it comes to your business; the services, products and information you provide should come from a place of light and love. When it doesn’t come from this place you’ll find that your energy begins to feel stagnant and your soul begins to feel heavy. You were born with gifts and you’ve learned skills and acquired passions through out your years. There is nothing more Heart-Centered then to act upon these gifts, skills and passions.


Once you’ve established that what you are doing and the choices and goals you are creating are bringing your soul joy, then it’s time to bring this heart centered consciousness outward. Your heart-centered business choices need to support you and your family. This applies to time, spiritually and the critically important factor….financially!


 Doing what you love does not mean you have to struggle.

 Caring for your customers and clients does not mean you can’t make a living.

There are ways to do what you love, care for your clients and make the income you need to feel abundant. The first step is to define what abundance means to you. Your definition of abundance will say how you want to feel, live and grow. Once that is defined you can attach some hard numbers to it. For example, if your idea ofabundance includes getting out of debt, how much money will it take to get out of debt? If you want to travel more, how much money will it take to do that and so on.

Knowing what abundance is for you and your family will bring clarity to your thoughts, actions and aspirations.

Consider your abundance as your north start and allow all your actions to point towards it. That is heart-centered!


Once you’ve established a strong light within yourself and you have a strong foundation for your family you can begin to spread the light even farther. Are the services and products you’re offering benefiting those around you? Are you giving the best you have to offer to your community? Is your customers’ needs always at the forefront of your business? If so then you are running a Heart-Centered business.

Easy, right? Running a heart-centered business is about putting you, your family and your community over profits. The concept of heart-centered business when done correctly will yield profits as a by-product for answering yes to the question ….

Will this benefit my soul, family and community?

I strive to answer yes to that question everyday. It’s certainly not an easy way to do business but it is certainly the most fulfilling for me. When I loose my way, I remember to slow down, check in with my heart and remind myself to live life artfully.

If you too want to start,  build or grow your heart-centered business I can help. Check out how here.

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