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Hello Friends, Welcome to my post for “Blog Hop around the World” a virtual tour of visual artists of all types. I was tagged by Karen Friedland, a visual artist working principally as a painter with forays into collage, printmaking and sculpture. Her artwork is bold and beautiful and I highly recommend viewing her current pieces. You can see Karen’s amazing artwork and learn more about here by clicking here. Below you will find a little tidbit about me and see my answers to the 4 questions given to me from Karen.

My name is Lezette Markham, Creative Mentor, Artist & Founder of

I inspire all walks of life to harness their brave, creative power and rock their passion projects!

I do this right here in the Simply Art world! Where you’ll find all of my best tools, classes & resources like in-depth video trainings, inspiring workbooks and uber colorful tutorials for creating your own ridiculously creative, deeply satisfying and abundantly inspiring life.

If you’re looking for joyful inspiration or juicy creativity, you’re in the perfect place!

Why do I do what I do?

I adore creating beautiful content. It comes natural to me to inspire & teach so what better way then do it on a global platform. This website allows me share my art with the world and reach those in need of assistance in sharing their unique gifts with the online world.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

All of my work has a sense of light hearted play. I approach every project with an open heart and mind. My openness translates into art, video tutorials and consulting that has a distinctive look, voice and feel that shines Simply Art. I bring shape, line and color to my creations in a brave way with little use of erasers and planning. This process can be seen in the wild and whimsical feel of all my work.

How does my creative process work?

I take great care in my environment, lighting candles, being aware of my air quality and lighting. I surround myself with beautiful and inspiring objects and I always keep water near by. Once I feel at ease with my surroundings, I allow my mind and hand to work together to create without judgement. I avoid using erasers while in my idea phase as it has the tendency to stifle my creativity. Color comes to me intuitively and I embrace making mistakes both with color and layout because sometimes the strangest combos can work perfectly.

What am I working on now?

Lots more video goodness is being added to my Simply Inspired – Creative Workbook studio. You can learn more by clicking here. I’m working on some very fun fall and winter Mixed Media tutorials. You can look forward to Wintertide Whimsy And The Art of Holidays Tags. I also have a new video series in the works about sharing bravely online.

My most exciting current project will be having a Flash Sale very soon. If you’re interested in the Flash Sale or  want to stay connected with the latest Simply Art news, subscribe to the VIP email list.

Next On The Hop:

Is Kiala Givehand from Giving Hands Creative. Kiala is a creativity & empowerment coach, poet, writer, editor, Mixed Media book artist, and workshop leader originally from Florida, now writing and living in Oakland, CA. Her work inspires me and I know it will do the same for you. Check out Kiala and let her know I said Hi!

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  • ArtistKaren

    Thank you Lezette. I love hearing about how you work. I’m afraid if I lit candles in my studio, the whole place might go up! I love your openness and how that informs your creative process. I don’t use erasers either! <3 Karen

    • Lezette Markham

      Lol, lack of candles must be a New York thing. How about a Scentsy then, or one of those battery operated candles? lol

      I love that you don’t use erasers. Is that because you work directly with paint on your canvas?

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  • […] Next up in the blog hop is another friend and cohort, Lezette Markham.  She is a Creative Mentor, Artist & the Founder of She inspires all walks of life to harness their brave, creative power and rock their passion projects! You can have your own ridiculously creative, deeply satisfying and abundantly inspiring life in the world of Simply Art. Look for her post next Monday on her blog. […]

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