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It’s been a couple of days since returning from the Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat in Asheville NC, hosted by the amazing Susan Miller, PHD, LPCS from Lighted Path® Coaching  Raleigh, NC & Sharon Tessandori from Barefoot Works Yoga  Lexington, KY. I’m still glowing from the lovely experience of it all, from the twice daily yoga practice to the immersive art experience. I found myself being invited to attend as serendipitous as the surroundings and experiences of the retreat. I’ve been on a challenging health journey since February 2014, so this retreat came at the perfect time. I’ve been in need of healing, rest and connection with other women as well as my own body. The flags pictured above is just a glimpse of some of the art work created by the gracious women who shared their kindness, talents and joyful energy with me through out the retreat. Below are snapshots of the incredible surroundings.

shells nature Simply Art Painting Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat

The quiet Asheville North Carolina surroundings were glorious enough, but our retreat guides, Susan and Sharon were determined to make the entire experience immersive. They decorated the retreat lodge with inspiring books and art, sprinkled positive affirmations around the space and engaged our senses with doTERRA essential oils.

Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat environement

The natural beauty of the mountains were breath taking. Our retreat guides kept the energy flowing by removing us from the confines of  indoor activities and encouraging us to take mediative nature walks and artful activities amongst the bunnies, flowers and other nature friends we found along the way.

Simply Art Nature

Susan, our intuitive art guide brought more art supplies to play with than any artist could wish for. I enjoyed helping the other ladies bravely share their creativity on canvas as I expressed my own creativity with art projects to honor my amazing husband, my current health journey, and late mother in law. Susan shared a wide arrange of art techniques reminiscent of Flora Bowley but with a style and grace only she could offer with such an intuitive spirit and artistic talent.

Sharon was gentle and understanding as we all came together from different experience levels to practice our yoga. Her attention and kind spirit was refreshing and I hope to find a yoga instructor in my local city that can compare.

Simply Art Painting

Simply Art Painting Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat

I enjoyed scrumptious food from the retreat and neighboring downtown Asheville. Here is my mom and I enjoying Thai Orchid and a picture of the breakfast spread offered every morning at the retreat.

Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion RetreatFood

As I write this blog post and reflect back on the weekend I can’t help but let out a sigh. Ahhhh…. The retreat has passed and those moments of groundedness and bliss are beginning to fade. I journaled a few ideas to bring home a piece of the retreat with me, a way of holding on to that bliss. One of the activities from the retreat was to gather small bits and pieces of our surroundings and place them in a hand decorated box. Days later and I can still smell the citrus blend of essential oils I sprinkled in my box.

simply Art Retreat Piece

I also enjoyed the spa water ( lemon and water 😉 ♥ ) that was provided. I have bouts of drinking this sort of refreshing mix from time to time but participating in the retreat has reinforced the good behavior of detoxing and staying hydrated.

Simply Art Lemon Water

The blissful weekend was for me but I find it difficult to do things strictly for myself without the pretense that it will be serving someone I love like family. I had a very kind and gentle reminder that me being in bliss is best for those around me when I found these two sea shells on the ground that reminded me of my husband and I. When I see this picture I think of the responsibilities I face; healing my body, being a great wife, caring poodle momma, loving daughter, strong sister all while building my business of creative joy. Ahhhh… another sigh and deep inhale…..I know I have the strength and spirit to do it all. ♥

shells nature Simply Art Painting Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat

I went into the retreat with the intention of rest, and connection in order to feel healed and whole. I believe that I breathed life into that intention with every action I took over the weekend. It is now my intention to hold on to as much bliss as I can from the experience. I made new friends that I look forward to growing with, brought home new positive thoughts and habits and most importantly I came home with a better connection to my body and its’ strengths. I know that I may have some dark days ahead but I will face them to the best of my ability with bravery and gratitude. I look forward to continuing my practice of living artfully and sharing all of my creative joy with you.


Simply Art Painting Intuitive Soul: Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat

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  • Karen

    It sounds like you got so much from the retreat! What a wonderful experience! I’m sure brought a great deal to it, with your joyful art experience. Loved this blogpost because I feel I know you better thru reading it. Brava!

  • Susan Miller

    Oh my it was an awesome retreat from my end too, as a facilitator! And having you there, Lezette, was like finding a gold nugget in a stream of clear, cool rippling water! I am sure that you received exactly what I prayed for each of the women to receive, as it was your intention. When I hear this story, and the beauty of your written word, your spirit jumps off the page at me with joy. Your experience is exactly what I want to see someone experience at my creativity retreats. I love you dear, and know that the grace and ease that you brought home with you will stay with you forever in your heart, and will be easily accessed. Many more creative times to come…thank you for all of who you are and how you served at this retreat. I am glad you gathered these gifts unto yourself.

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