5 ways to keep your creative well overflowing

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After 4+ years of posting videos on Youtube, over a decade of publishing content online, and 5+ years teaching art and creativity, I know a little something about steady creativity.

Check out my top 5 ways to keeping the well from running dry:

  1. Play: I often talk about child-like intentions. Playing is a child-like as it gets! Spend time playing, dance around, act silly, run around outside. You’ll be surprised at the brave creations that will follow.
  2. Curious: Stay alert to the world around you. Wonder how things are created, products or sold and content is shared. Curiosity will keep you engaged and create a never ending stream of creativity.
  3. Keep: Collect and keep ongoing content ideas in one place. You can use Google Docs, Evernote, a notebook or a jar, choose one and you’ll always have spark to jump-start creativity.
  4. Beauty: Surround yourself with beauty. Keep only things that you love, enjoy and bring you inspiration. This includes people! Clear the clutter, and make sacred space for your creativity.
  5. Read this: One of my favorite books on the subject of creativity is, Tiny Art Director, by Bill Zeman. Not only is the book hilariously funny, it will remind you to create with child-like intentions.

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