6 Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

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Creating art is a part of my life and a practice I would recommend to anyway. There are many walls that keep people from creating art, like: the fear of  “not being good enough”, limiting beliefs that the act of creative expression is for children or a waste of time and so on. In this post I would like to help break down one of those walls that keep you from creating.
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Wall: Art materials are too expensive

Truth: There are many affordable ways to create art


Here are six ways to save on art supplies so that you can create art daily!

1)  Shop at discount stores:

Finding great deals can be a treasure. You should start your treasure adventure at Marshalls, Home Goods, 99 Cent Stores and Big Lots.

2) Use what you have:

With websites like Pinterest and the many numerous crafty vlogs online, it’s easy to be tempted to purchase new materials to complete the latest new project. Limit those creative cravings by picking new projects based on your current collection of art supplies. If your heart is set on trying a new technique or medium give yourself set goals like completing your current project before purchasing materials for a new one.

3) Up-cycle:

Many household items can be used as art supplies. Look around your home and think of creative ways to use everyday items in your next art project. Check out the Holiday Whimsy Gift Toppers Online Workshop for inspiration.

4) Practice letting go:

Creating art should be about the exploration and journey of artistic expression. A great way to set out on this journey is to let go of your art projects. The Buddha Board allows you to paint with water and in moments your painting is gone and the board is ready for a new painting. This allows you to express yourself as many times as you want without the cost of paint and paper.

5) Keep up with coupons:

If you have a smart phone you can utilize many of the coupon apps available like the one from Joann’s.

6) Make your own art materials

Explore your yard for bark, leaves, flowers & pinecones. These are just a few of the beauties you can find in nature to use in your next art project. Keep an eye out for my upcoming Summer online workshop, where we explore natural materials for art.


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