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In my search for successful entrepreneurs, I found a common thread amongst all those that resonated with me. First, let me start by defining my idea of successful.

For me, success is creating abundance and security for you and your family by doing work that is meaningful to you.

That said, creating abundance may mean; food on the table to one person and to another it means a 9 month emergency fund and a pair of jet skis. “Meaningful” could be defined as making the world a better place to something less monumental as bringing a smile to a clients face.

The great thing about this definition of success is that you can fill in the blanks as you see fit:

Simply Art Success Defined

Now that we have success defined lets talk about that common thread.

Each successful entrepreneur I find shares the same focus, to Do What You Love!

I’m sure your first reaction as an educated adult is “Wow, that’s hippie talk” STOP for just a moment…… imagine yourself loving your work. What would that mean for you?

Let me share two facts while you ponder on that question:

FACT 1: Not all entrepreneurs Do What They Love

FACT 2: You DO NOT have to be self employed to Do What You Love

I certainly don’t want to argue to the merits of how important it is for ones well being to Do What You Love. You’re intelligent enough to know that in every instance loving your work is the optimal path.

Instead, allow me to share an amazing video from an incredible person doing what he loves. In this video, Sean McCabe, freelance Hand Lettering Artist, Type Designer, Illustrator, Musician and more shares his story of how he honed his interests down to a specific niche and created his own brand. Sean talks about the unconventionality of paying the bills from doing what you love and how he made it possible.

Please click the Video below and enjoy on Vimeo.

doing what you love


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