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For my recent wedding in Saint Thomas, VI. I found myself, like most women in need of the perfect wedding bouquet. I had already convinced myself there was no need for flower arrangements to adorn the venue since it was already an Eden. I couldn’t bare to be without a jewel encrusted tropical bouquet.

Living in California while planning a destination wedding was a real challenge. Trying to find a florist that wouldn’t over charge me while still giving me the flowers I wanted was hopeless. One such item, ”monkey tails” was not available; neither were the hydrangeas I wanted. The lack of choices as well as the over priced…lets gouge the bride…. were on an island, what choice does she have?…. ha! Ha! Ha! attitude made me rethink the traditional bouquet.

I started looking around and found this website. The section on brooch bouquets changed my entire perspective on what makes a wedding bouquet beautiful. I decided I wanted a jewelry bouquet of my own. Of course I decided, as usual… “I can Make This”!! So I started gathering my favorite antique and costume Jewelry. I used pieces of my own as well as some from the lovely women in my life such as my grandmother.

It took a minute to wrap my head around how to make the bouquet but a few short trips to my old friend Michaels and I was on my way.

I’m also available if you would like my advise on how to make your own or even for me to make one for you.
Contact me for pricing.

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