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Circus Makeup

Simply Art - Circus Makeup

Circus Clown Collar


  • Bath Nylon loofah (3)
  • Elastic Head Band


  • Scissors
  1. Cut the hanging string off the loofahs
  2. Bunch up the fabric (from the loofahs) like a stocking
  3. Cut the bunched fabric in half
  4. Cut the fabric into 8 inch pieces or however long you want the collar to be
  5. Place the elastic head band on a pot or some sort of form to hold it while you tie
  6. Tie a simple knott using the 8 inch pieces of fabric to the elastic band
  7. Trip to the desired shape

DIY Circus Top Hat

Simply Art - Circus Top Hat


Glitter Foam Paper
Hot Glue
Head Band
Buttons or Brads
Hot Glue Gun

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