5 Steps to Tap Into Your Creativity

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Wow… sounds so magical and mysterious, doesn’t it?

In truth, creativity is as much a part of you as your breath.

Even the most analytical of us have a creative rhythm that flows through our daily activities. The secret is learning how to listen to the rhythm of your creativity and allow it to beat louder.

Below are 4  Creativity Facts to Remember

FACT 1 – Everyone is creative! The difference between us is how big a part we allow our creativity to play in our daily lives

FACT 2 – When you solve problems or make decisions you are using your creativity as much as your analytical skills

FACT 3 – Creativity does not mean artistic talent

FACT 4 – You can become as creative as you want to be with training

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5 Steps you can use to Tap Into Your Creativity:

Step 1 – Create positive affirmations affirming your creative goals
(Example: I am successful when I am creative)

Step 2 –  Be inspired by other creative people –  Watch free lectures, visit museums & stage performances, & enjoy a healthy dose of youtube

Step 3 – Practice a creative activity every day, like playing an instrument or creating a daily doodle

Step 4  – Embrace your creative thoughts – Journal or audio record spontaneous ideas

Step 5 – Show gratitude –  The more grateful you are for your creative gifts the more gifts creativity will bring you (Create a gratitude journal as a way of remembering positive experiences)

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