The Right-Brainers in Business 2013 Video Summit Has Been Amazing….

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It’s a two week FREE online conference where Jennifer Lee, author of the Right Brain Business Plan; interviews experts in many different fields, hosts networking activities such as a live chat and much more.

This is my first year attending and I’ve been loving it. I was excited to see she is offering a Scholarship to the Premium Level ($197).

Below is my application that I submitted to win my pass. WISH ME LUCK!

Questions In Bold:

Tell us a little bit about your business in two sentences. 

An online creative studio & Lounge. Simply Art is an inspiring, comfortable place for creative expression.

What’s next for your business? What are you super excited about?

I’m most excited about the courage I’ve gained and the journey I’m on. A new website is next for my business. I’m moving from a personal blog to a REAL business website, As a new business that has been 5 years in the “waiting”, I finally have the courage to charge for my services. I’m growing from my free tutorials on to full length online workshops on my new website. I have never been more excited about the future and the opportunities my business will bring.  I look forward to what comes next.

What are you currently doing to move toward that vision? (Every little step counts. Keep in mind that I’m very interested in this answer as it lets me know that you’re already taking the initiative to make your big vision real. And of course the first part of the success formula is “inspired action!”. ) 

  1. I’ve created my Right Brain Business Plan Simply Art Business Plan
  2. I shared my RBBP experience with the world, practicing the courage it takes to be vulnerable:
  3. I’ve filmed a video announcing, and even giving a date to the launch of my new site, so that I’m accountable!
  4. I started asking for people to be interested in my coming business
  5. I joined Art & Creative for Healing as a way to network & volunteer, but  have since become a passionate member and nominated Vice-President of their Women’s Guild.  This a charity dedicated to promoting healing through art as a way to help people with mental and emotional pain.  I was able to inspire others by conducting my first art workshop and I cannot express how great I felt afterwards. Simply Art Workshop RBBP
  6. I’m currently designing & developing the website
  7. No more waiting! I’m living my dream of Inspiring People Right Here & NOW: My husband has found inspiration in my action and has dedicated all his “free” time to pursing his passion of a successful Youtube gaming channel.

What’s stopping you? *

The fear that I am extremely talented and people love me will never mean I know how to make money and I will never make money. I fear I am destined to be a talented person with a hobby instead of a talented business owner.

What have been your biggest take-aways so far from the summit? 

The largest take away by far has been the overwhelming knowledge; I am not alone in my creative endeavors. There are people around the world that share my fears and my dreams.

Other takeaways include: 

  • Pushing through the tough and difficult parts and seeing them through
  • Writing sale pages as love letters. 
  • Skipping the niche and finding your perfect customer.

How do you think the Premium Pass will help you move forward and how do you plan to make the most of it? (I want to know that I’m gifting the pass to someone who is really gonna maximize this opportunity to its fullest!!) *

The pass will catapult me forward! I struggle to know how to find creative cohorts, so I will be able to make connections with the Facebook group and everyone who put their information out there in the chat. Another crafter saw me on the chat and started following me on twitter. It was an amazing feeling to meet a kindred spirit and I hope to find more through the groups in the pass. I adore planning and worksheets, so I will make the most out of every page given to me. The most exciting thing I dream about is the 3 group coaching calls. It will be my biggest test by fire yet, to have the courage to say “I’m in Business!”

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