Bringing home baby, We’re still alive – WEEK 2

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Kai is two weeks old and we’re all still alive. Can I get a hala lu ya!! In this last week my confidence is slowly coming in. I still spend every available moment looking up what’s safe and “normal” on the internet and staring at him to make sure each little noise he makes isn’t him waking or having difficulties breathing. This neurotic behavior keeps me awake and tired more than needed but I do take time to rest and of course pump during nap times.

A dear friend recommended staying away from the noise of the internet for research and leaning into my own internal knowledge and wisdom. This is difficult for me as it stirs up fears of not being enough and doing something wrong. It’s such a strange duality of fear and confidence because I know deep down I am more than enough for my beautiful baby and that I am prepared to care for his needs. This deep sense of knowing it will all be okay is coupled with the constant fear and doubt. Some of the feel good moments has been his first walk and outing. We kept him away from crowds but enjoyed walking him and sitting in the shade for fresh air. Here he is ready to roll. Our very own little “road dog”.

Baby Kai

He’s changing so fast that we find it difficult to find any sense of routine so when it get’s really tough I use my humor to get through. My husband and I laugh together and we keep things as light hearted as humanly possible. We joke about the silly things we are doing as new parents, how funny the turmoil of breast feeding is without a proper supply of milk and how our little #potatosquid reminds us of the alien from Men in Black.

Potato Squid Simply Art

We look for the joy in each moment even through the delirium of exhaustion and we look forward to when we have a resemblance of routine. Here is a picture of pure joy for me. I was so pleased to have captured this moment of Bryan and his son Kai sleeping the exact same way with their arm up and hand on their forehead. It’s so precious!

Bryan Markham and Kai Markham

All these new mommy emotions and moments have been joined by the pull of wanting to dive back into my business of Simply Art. I have a healthy dose of wanting to grow my business for the security and abundance needed for my son. I also crave the energy that I attract when I am working in my online world of Simply Art. To ease back into mompreneurship I’m marketing my fall online course: A Fall Dream and Pumpkin Wishes – Mixed Media Art Online Workshop.

A Fall Dream Collage

Wish us luck as we continue to get to know our son, ease into our new roll of parent, thrive in our business and survive another week. 

Kai and Bryan


Lezette Markham

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Baby Kai