Bringing Home Baby Kai – Week 1

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Baby Kai

Intense joy, new mommy blues, epic titan breast feeding battles, tears, exhaustion, shear terror sprinkled on top with more tears….. all in week one of bringing home baby. Welcome the glowing soul that chose to come through me to shine his bright light in this world, Kai Bodhi Markham. A beautiful boy who we lovingly call our potato squid and sea diamond.

The birth and hospital stay was so profound and yes traumatic it will require it’s own entry so the moment I feel up to it I will be filming a “My Birth Story Video” and posting it to my Youtube Channel. Needless to say having our baby home is a blessing and my husband Bryan and I are eternally grateful for our son, his birth, the care given to us and the grace surrounding us every step of the way.

As we paddled to keep our heads above the water this last week I’m proud to say Bryan and I had a united front on nurturing and caring for our newborn. We’ve spent the last week in a blur of one feeding into another, tears over struggles with breast feeding, decompressing from the hospital stay and pure delirium filled happy moments of sweet smiles, funny faces and intoxicating baby smell.

Our adventure continues together for the next week before my husband returns to work. Wow I’m terrified of him going back to work and leaving me with this 7 lbs of larger than life energy wrapped in a baby blue blanket. Small daily prayers for all the stars to align and centuries of maternal and primal instincts to kick in before I’m left alone to keep our potato squid thriving.

This is certainly not one of those posts where I leave you with 5 ways to do something… like, I don’t know, surviving the first week with new baby, lol. I’ve survived by shear will power, humor, and the grace of all things holy. Perhaps I’ll have more wisdom for you or a head clear enough for sound reflection after week two.


Lezette Markham

Kai’s first moments of life. Photos taken at the hospital.

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